Our Collection

Heilongjiang Provincial Archives is a national integrated archives, which was appraised as the First Grade National Archives in 1999. Its buiding was reconstructed and expanded on the basis of the original Provincial Library, and put into service in 2009. It is second-class conservational building with a total floorage of 20000 ㎡and total investment of 138.7 billion yuan. It has a holding of more than 850,000 volumes of records, more than 400 archival fonds, 50000 volumes of documents, with the total shelf of more than 11,000 meters in length. The archives mainly include over 240,000 volumes of Qing Dynasty and Manzhou Puppet period, about 610,000 volumes of the Revolutionary Historical Period and after the foundation of the PRC. Now, we are collecting the archives produced before 2000. The oldest piece in the collection dates back to 1684 of Qing Dynasty(23th year in Kangxi’s Reign). The archives produced by Heilongjiang General's Yamen、Administrative Province、Chief Executive Office of East Province Special District, Heilongjiang Railway Negotiation Headquarters,Judaic Religious Union and other organ are valuable treasures. Especially Heilongjiang General's Yamen collections are the most complete fond among the local military organs in Qing dynasty.Man language archives about the eruption of Wudalianchi Volcanoes,Marriage law of Hulan’s local government,Heilongjiang province Atlas both in Man language and Chinese in Qing Dynasty,The Manchu census register files of Olunchun in Qing Dynasty, Archives on “comfort women”sex slaves of Japanese Army were all included in China Archives and Documents Heritage Catalogue. In addition, Archives on“Comfort Women”sex slaves of Japanese Army are applying for The World Memory Heritage Catalogue together with The Central Archives,Liaoning Provincial Archives and other four Archives.

The Archives of the Qing Dynasty

Heilongjiang General's Yamen was set up in 1683( 22th year in Kangxi’s Reign of Qing Dynasty), dissolved in 1907(33th year in Guangxu’s Reign of Qing Dynasty),which last for 244 years, are the most valuable treasures both in terms of the quantity and quality among the local military organs in Qing dynasty , list the top among the 14 General Yamen’s archives in Qing Dynasty.

The Archives of the Manzhou Puppet Government

The materials formed by Police Department、Military Zone、Constitutional Team and The Secret Service recorded Japanese imperialism exercised fascist rule and plundered economic resources crime in northeast China.Especially the “Special Transfering” archives about 731 Japanese bacterial troop making bacteria experiment with living human was first found in 1997.

The Historical Revolutionary Archives

Archives record some significant events in historical revolutionary period, including Manzhou Provincial Party Committee (North Manchuria, Jidong Provincial Party Committee) leading the unyielding people of all ethnic groups to fight gallantly against the Japanese aggressors. Meanwhile, it includes historical materials of party and state leaders Chen Yun and Zhang Wentian‘s revolutionary activities. Also These archives recorded the CCP’s important historical events completely and systematically in the liberation war period in Heilongjiang province,including Construction of Revolutionary Base Area、Land Reform、Suppressing Bandits、Supporting of Northeast Liberation,etc.

The Archives after the foundation of PRC

Archives after foundation of PRC consist of National Economy Recovering, Socialist Transformation, 22 National Major Projects, The Development of Daqing Oilfield, The Development of Xiaoxinganling Forest Region. Manuscripts,photos and instructions of party and state leaders Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping and Chen Yun visiting our province are valuable collections. In addition there are some other important materials,such as Manzhou Railway Corporation files.