Brief Introduction of Heilongjiang Provincial Archives

Heilongjiang Provincial Archives Bureau was founded in November1960, while,Heilongjiang Provincial Archives was founded in February1964. As a cultural institution, Heilongjiang Provincial Archives&Archives Bureau is directly under CPC Heilongjiang Committee and Heilongjiang Provincial Government. It fulfills the function of archival administration, keeping and utilization. It has 133 staff and 14 offices: Office of General Affairs, Office of Archival Work Guidance,Office of Economic and Scientific Archives Guidance,Office of Education and Legality, Office of Personnel, Office of Party Committee,Office of Archive Keeping, Office of Archival Sorting and Translating ,Office of Archival Research and Editing , Office of Archival Technical Processing and Web Support, Office of Archival Informatization, Office of Archival Utilization,Office of Archival Receiving and Collecting,Office of Retired Cadres.In addition,it has an Editorial Office of “Heilongjiang Archive” Magazine and a self-supported institution of Archival Technical Service Center.

Heilongjiang Provincial Archives is a national integrated archives. Its buiding was reconstructed and expanded on the basis of the original Provincial Library, and put into service in 2009.

It is second-class conservational building with a total floorage of 20000 ㎡and total investment of 138.7 billion yuan. It has a holding of more than 850,000 volumes of records, more than 400 archival fonds, 50000 volumes of documents, with the total shelf of more than 11,000 meters in length. The archives mainly include over 240,000 volumes of Qing Dynasty and Manzhou Puppet period, about 610,000 volumes of the Revolutionary Historical Period and after the foundation of the PRC. Now, we are collecting the archives produced before 2000. The oldest piece in the collection dates back to 1684 of Qing Dynasty(23th year in Kangxi’s Reign). The archives produced by Heilongjiang General's Yamen、Administrative Province、Chief Executive Office of East Province Special District, Heilongjiang Railway Negotiation Headquarters,Judaic Religious Union and other organ are valuable treasures. Especially Heilongjiang General's Yamen collections are the most complete fond among the local military organs in Qing dynasty.Man language archives about the eruption of Wudalianchi Volcanoes,Marriage law of Hulan’s Local Government,Heilongjiang Province Atlas both in Man language and Chinese in Qing Dynasty,The Manchu census register files of Olunchun in Qing Dynasty, Archives on “Comfort Women”sex slaves of Japanese Army were all included in China Archives and Documents Heritage Catalogue. In addition, Archives on“Comfort Women”sex slaves of Japanese Army are applying for The World Memory Heritage Catalogue together with the Central Archives,Liaoning Archives and other four Archives.

Heilongjiang Provincial Archives Bureau is committed to organizing,directing, inspecting, supervising, and coordinating the work of archives department at all levels in our province; To organizing and directing the research on archival theory and archival technology; and to organizing the professional archives education and the training of professional archivists. What’s more, we undertake the work of administrating the important archives and materials in the province, maintaining the integrity of the archives. As a platform for government information disclosure,we try to provide the access for the public. 

In recent years,archives at all levels in our province have implemented Archives Law and Regulations on the Management of Archives in Heilongjiang completely. We integrate into the environment of economic and social development,serve the major work of our Party and Government,play a unique role in the field of New Rural Construction, people’s well-being improvement and some key events and projects. According to the National Archives Bureau’s requirement of “five functions” for comprehensive archives (five functions are Patriotism Education Base, Archive Keeping Base, Archive Utilization and Service Center, Government Information Publicity Center, Electronic Files Management Center), we constantly enhance the work of archival receiving,collection,sorting,research,editing and utilization as well as archives building construction. Archives at all levels in our province have been improved remarkably.